Case Studies

Case Study One - Jack

Jack* is a 9 year old non-native speaker of English who has been living in New Zealand for less than a year. His ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) teacher contacted the LEXO LAB team because he had heard about our focus on improving speech and oral production. Jack had been identified by his teacher as a ‘non-verbal’ language learner, and in our initial meeting with him, we clearly saw his reluctance and struggle to speak in English.

Once introduced to the app, Jack used the app consistently (about 3-4 times a week), and after just 2 months, we saw noticeable improvements in his lessons scores and vocabulary size, as well as his speech qualities. He was now speaking more confidently and fluently, and didn’t mind interacting in English.

His ESOL teacher had also noticed the increase in his confidence level when speaking English at school. His teacher told us:

“Jack has been gaining confidence and is improving his English.”

”He is a lot more outgoing and willing to talk. Initially he was silent with the app, but now uses it confidently.”

Another teacher at the school supervised the playground, and she noted that every time she saw Jack outside, she would try to have a small English conversation with him, but she had never been able to get a response. This changed after Jack had been using the app for 6 weeks. The teacher was extremely surprised not only to get a greeting from Jack, but to find that he was happy to engage in a short interaction in English.

After 2 months of using LEXO LAB, Jack had to change schools as his family was moving to a new city, and a few weeks after the move, his father contacted us to inform us that he has noticed developments in his son’s speaking skills. He told us:

”Jack has improved a lot in English, and in the new city, it has been very useful since he has had the confidence to speak and make himself understood much more. Here, he has managed to have many friends in a very fast way.”

Case Study Two - Sam

Eight-year-old Sam* had been living in NZ for less than a year when the LEXO LAB team first met him. At school, he was shy and uncommunicative, and so his ESOL teacher introduced him to us. She liked our approach to developing speaking skills, and she felt that Sam would benefit from the focused speaking practice on the LEXO LAB app.

When the LEXO LAB team first met Sam, he understood little English and spoke only a few, very simple words. Our initial tests found that he had a limited vocabulary and comprehension, and very little grammar knowledge. We encouraged Sam to use the LEXO LAB app frequently, and after just one month, there was a notable difference in his self-esteem. Sam’s teacher was pleased to report that his confidence had increased in the classroom.

After three months, we tested Sam’s language skills again and found improvements in every area. In the short time that he had been using the app, Sam had increased his vocabulary range by 15% and his speaking skills jumped by 19%. This had given him a boost in confidence, and he was now able to interact with others in English without reserve.

The LEXO LAB app is specifically focused on developing speaking skills to help young learners to become more fluent and accurate English speakers. For Sam though, there was also a significant improvement in his grammar knowledge. After only three months of using the app, this had increased by an incredible 26%. His regular use of the app had enabled him to increase his knowledge of English grammar incidentally, absorbing it just as a native speaker would.