Frequently Asked Questions!

What if my child doesn’t know much English?

No problem! Our curriculum is structured, and every phrase we use is illustrated and animated to help with comprehension.

What does my child need to be able to use LEXO LAB?

Just a computer, laptop, tablet or phone and a quiet place to practice. That’s all!

When will my child start speaking English?

Immediately! With our learning system, children speak English from the outset.

How is LEXO LAB different?

We focus on speaking, because if you want to be good at something you have got to practice it!  

Why is LEXO LAB technology different to others?

Many apps use off-the-shelf speech recognition.such systems are designed around recognising words even if they are mispronounced.

Why is LEXO LAB advanced technology important?

The many features of our learning experience require this deeper level of analysis over recognition.  Targeted accurate feedback, personalised reporting and learning history would not be possible using off-the-shelf speech recognition.

How are lessons constructed, and does LEXO LAB follow any recognised education framework?

We have a curriculum that is designed to align with international language standards, namely the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Our focus starts at level A1 and progresses upwards from there. Each lesson is designed to elicit speech production, constructed to include specific phonemes, words and phrases (grammar) and presented to the user in a format that mimics learning a language in the same way they learnt their first.

How long does each lesson take to complete?

Each lesson, if done correctly and completely, can take up to 30 minutes. This will all depend on the learner and how much retrospection and practice they choose to do.

Why does LEXO LAB only allow new lessons every 18 hours?

To allow for maximum memory retention of new material, we have spaced out new lessons to every 18 hours. (Note: This 18 hour break only kicks in after the 4th lesson has been completed, and when the user has full familiarity with the learning loop and games).

I don’t understand the scoring / How does the scoring work?

Scores are measured through a detailed analysis of the user's language production starting at the level of phonemes. The user's phonemes, words, and phrases are analysed and compared to a model speech production and scored accordingly. The scoring and colour codings used aim to increase users' noticeability of areas in their speech production that need correction.

I didn’t receive my account verification email, so what should I do?

Please contact customer service through this link:

How can I cancel my account?

Please contact customer service through this link:

How can I track my child’s progress?

You can view your child’s dashboard within their app login. In addition to this we will provide you with a personalised report after 3 months, at the end of the LEXO LAB Challenge. 

How will I know the app is effective?

The app is designed mainly to help children develop their speaking skills. We get them speaking immediately. However, over time, they should become more competent, clear and fluent speakers. The app will also increase your child’s English vocabulary size, and incidentally, it will help them to develop their listening and grammar skills.

We will send you a progress report after 3 months so that you can see the difference the app has made. In the meantime, inside the app you can see  the progress your children are making within their personalised dashboard. We find that parents and teachers tend to notice their children gain a significant amount of confidence to speak in front of others after using LEXO LAB. You can read some of our case studies here:

How can I change the payment method and update my card details?

Please contact customer service through this link:

I have more than one child, so can I use the same profile for all of my children?

Each child will need to be set up as an individual user. This is because the learning experience is personalised to each user. Also, in order to receive accurate reporting at the end of the 3 month period, this needs to be based on one person's use of the app. You can add and remove additional children within the parent portal which you access with your login details. When you set a child up as a user within the app, they will then have their own individual login details for the app. 

How can I add additional children to my profile?

Within the parent portal, you will see a button on the bottom left of the screen “add child”. Click on this to add the child and create their login. You can also edit and delete users within your profile dashboard.

How does my child access the app, as I can only see my account profile details?

All users will have their own individual login,. While these are linked to your parent profile, they do not access the app through your profile. They should login using the login page for the app which you can access here:

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