Imagine if your child could learn to speak a new language the way they learnt their first.

That started with lots of stimulating input. You pointing out objects and actions and saying words and phrases to link the sounds with meaning.  Then you added lots of encouragement and smiled, laughed, when they tried new words and phrases.  You corrected occasionally, gently, while slowly and systematically introducing new language, demonstrating the correct grammar patterns and helping your child to practice.  You let them use their words, listened as they chatted to you, not always getting everything right but improving with practice.  

You were a great teacher. It was fun, lots of fun and you were a natural. What you were doing was best practice language acquisition methodology.  No wonder they learnt to speak so naturally. 

Why then do we teach other languages differently?

It’s not anyone’s fault. We admire teachers and wholeheartedly support the great work they do.  Up until now there just hasn’t been the technology to simulate the ideal learning pattern that you used to teach your child.  Now there is.

At LEXO LAB we set out to do exactly that, to create a learning experience that simulates the speech driven approach you used.

And the results have been fantastic.

We hope you’ll join us at LEXO LAB and see what your approach and our technology can do for your child’s English learning

Thank you for giving us the idea.

As they enjoy the activities in LEXO LAB your child will be going through our 10 Pillars of speech acquisition.