What is LEXO LAB?

It is your child’s speaking buddy.  Helping to build their speaking capability while encouraging, assisting and analysing their speech to create a learning environment that works for them.

It is the solution to students spending hours learning a language but not being able to speak it.

It is a combination of cutting-edge speech analysis and best practice speech acquisition methodology woven into an engaging but highly effective set of courses.

It is the great learning experience leading language professionals would build if they could – we know that because our language professionals designed every aspect.

It is a process that gets kids speaking from the outset and keeps them speaking. 

Why is LEXO LAB so successful?

LEXO LAB simulates many aspects of the way people learn their first language, and that’s the best way to learn any language.

It isn’t obvious to the children using LEXO LAB, but there is a sophisticated learning process underway.  Each step has been carefully crafted to deliver great learning results.

As they enjoy the activities in LEXO LAB, your child will be going through our 10 Pillars of speech acquisition.